peekaboo is essentially just making fun of babies for not understanding object permanence 

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Pray you never have to suffer the bullshit that comes with an independence referendum. Both sides have been pissing me off for the last month. I never thought I’d see the day I would be ashamed of the behaviour of some of my countrymen.

So I’m guessing you’re ambivalent, then? It must suck to be in the middle of it all. 

Anonymous was like: Damn it! 3 followers? people take things too personally, im sure that if they left they weren't worth it. Like come on.. at least express yourself, don't just abandon "the sinking boat" hahha Well, you sleep tight too. :) 

You’re so right!

I’m probably going to head to bed now, too. As in, I’ll turn off my laptop and switch to scrolling through tumblr on my phone and eventually nod off. 


Anonymous was like: well, im just gonna embrace my bed hahah it was nice talking to you, and Im glad people are so polite on your blog. It's been a pleasure :P 

I’m glad people are nice! 

Nice talking to you, too. Sleep tight, and if you ever want to chat again, you know where I am. :)

Anonymous was like: hahah c'mon, you're good! Still young, you have time to explore so much :) I've been to Dublin too, it was soo cold because I was on my birthday, in November. I guess no sunburn, but my ears and nose were very red hahah I absolutely loved it :) 

Oooh, Dublin in November, brr! It was chilly enough when I was there in May! 

Anonymous was like: Oh well Im sorry if I reminded you of her. Cali must be really nice :) Where in Europe have you been? 

Nah, not really!

From what I remember it was gorgeous! I got awful sunburn though because I spent a very long time in the pool without re-applying sunscreen and it was so bad I could only wear loose shirts with no bra.

Europe wise, I’ve not been many places, to be honest. The south of France, when I was younger, Spain, when I was younger still, and Dublin, very recently. Other than that, I’ve not been many places. Terrible really, when you consider it’s right on my doorstep. (That seems to be what most people say, and I agree.)

Anonymous was like: Oh well I did sen them rather disjointedly. But yeah it's fun to talk about stuff like this without people jumping on each other. Nice conversations about certain politics are hard to come by. 

Certainly is a fiery topic. But you’re right, a nice civil debate is a good thing!  

Anonymous was like: My immediate answer would be NY, but I actually enjoyed Houston a lot, the skyline, the beach, the Space Center.. it was amazing. I didn't get to visit Cali tho.. :/ What about you? What were you doing there? 

I’ve only been to Cali once, and it was when I was about 14 with my family. We did Disney in Anaheim as part of a layover on the way to Australia. I’d like to go back and do it properly one day.

As for the rest, I’ll admit I’ve not been everywhere.  A lot of places on the East Coast, though. :) I spent the majority of a couple of summers ago in Baltimore but I’ve been to D.C, NYC, Boston, Salem, Philly, Ocean City, Dover… I liked Boston the best. 

I was in a relationship with an American, so I was visiting her a lot. That’s why. 

Anonymous was like: Also I wasn't offended and if it came across that way I apologise. I just wanted to shed a little more light on the whole situation :) 

Absolutely agree. (Side note I figured I’d posted these in the wrong order but hey, I wanted to make sure you got your message out.)


Anonymous was like: A civil conversation about this. A lot of Northern Irish people also had family killed during the Troubles and that's really why there is still a divide and Northern Irish people still feel the need to emphasis that they're Irish not British because well they aren't actually part of Britain as it's the United Kingdom of Northern Ireland AND Great Britain. 


Anonymous was like: Oh I know you are but it's just that yes people do feel the need to emphasise we are Irish as when we go places people seem to think we're English. When I've corrected people in the past nicely their reply has been "well isn't it just the same thing?" And it really isn't. Not even for Northern Irish people, a lot of Northern Irish people identify as Irish. They don't want to be part of the UK but obviously had no choice in where they were born. I've nothing against the UK, it's just nice to have